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OnePlus announces new interface for smartphones with OxygenOS 13

OnePlus Nord 2 CE


While OnePlus wanted to merge its smartphone interface with Oppo, the company has now announced another version of its mobile operating system. OxygenOS 13 is based on Android 13 and should be in this year’s flagship models. Last year, the smartphone manufacturer announced a far-reaching collaboration with sister company Oppo. As part of the collaboration, the group wanted to merge the OxygenOS interface with Oppo’s ColorOS interface. The result is that a uniform operating system must then be launched on the market. The original plan was to release the merged interface this year.

Nevertheless, OnePlus now officially confirmed that the developers are currently working on OxygenOS 13. The announcement was made in connection with the Open Ears Forum (OEF) developer workshop. So far, however, the smartphone manufacturer has not released many details about the new version of its mobile operating system. It can be assumed that OxygenOS 13 will be based on Android 13. The announcement seems to come as a surprise to many OnePlus fans as most users may have assumed that OxygenOS 12 is the latest version of the user interface.

One OS – two brands?

It’s unclear why OnePlus plans to offer further OxygenOS builds, though the developers are working on the new Unified OS. It is quite conceivable that it is the same operating system and OnePlus just wants to keep the branding. Identical code could be used for both Oppo and OnePlus models in the future. However, the same operating system could then be marketed under different names.


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