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Android 14 will let you know when your battery is super low

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Since the release of the Android 14 developer preview, we’ve been learning more and more about what to anticipate from the upcoming release of the operating system. Today, we learned something new about battery life, and more particularly, when you’ll receive a warning that your battery is low. In a last-ditch effort to convince you to plug in your gadget before it shuts down, Android 14 will notify you when you have just 2% battery life remaining if you’re one of those people who likes to live life on the edge.

At both 20% and 10% battery, Android 13 notifies you, indicating that it might be time to plug in or use battery saver. Although a 10% battery is unquestionably low, you might not stop using your phone at that point. Before everything goes down, the 2% warning should give you a few minutes to send one more text message and, ideally, plug your phone in properly this time. Observations are as follows, courtesy of informant and battery rebel Nick:


In addition to the battery warning, we’ve already looked at a few minor media player tweaks, a security improvement that makes entering your PIN less difficult, improved keyboard support, and a new accessibility feature that turns off your camera’s flash with a notification, among others.

The Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, Pixel 5a (5G), Pixel 6 & 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, and Pixel 7 & 7 Pro all presently support the Android 14 developer preview, so you can check it out for yourself.

If you don’t own a Pixel but still like the notion of getting a warning when your power is about to run out, you can still get a notification like that on your phone right now by downloading Battery Alarm on Google Play.

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