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Amazon Surveying Customers For a New AI Browser

Amazon is thinking again about getting into browser development. What doesn’t sound particularly exciting at first, can certainly have a major impact on various areas of the network.

According to a report by the US magazine Gizmodo, the company is currently trying to obtain basic information about the interests of users with a survey. For example, it is asked which functions would make the user download and try out a new browser.

“We want to understand what our customers love about current web browsers and what they would like from a better browser,” Amazon wrote in the survey. “By completing this survey, you’re contributing to innovations that improve the browsing experience for millions of people around the world.” However, the company did not respond to further inquiries for the time being.

However, some of the questions make it clear what the purpose of the survey is: “Imagine that a new desktop/laptop browser is available from Amazon. Choose which of the following points you would like to learn more about would experience,” it says here, for example. Here you can choose between data protection, cross-device synchronization of passwords, and shopping functions, among other things.

AI-powered features

The timing for such an advance would not come about by chance but is favored by various developments on the market. The current market leader Chrome, for example, is closely linked to the advertising market through its origins at Google. As Google, as well as the largest online advertising marketer, is working to get rid of third-party cookies and replace them with alternatives, the sector is likely to experience a significant upheaval. Since Amazon itself makes more sales with marketing than with Prime and other subscriptions, a reaction to this is understandable.

Of course, to make a new browser attractive, you have to offer features that cannot be found anywhere else. The survey shows some ideas that are circulating on Amazon. For example, the company wants to use new AI technologies to significantly improve tabs, history and bookmark management and to make content easier to find again.

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