Android QR code reader will automatically zooms in on codes

When you need to scan a QR code but it’s too far away, don’t you just dread it?

That occurs far too frequently, but Google offers a fix for it. A recent report claims that the integrated Android QR code scanner now automatically enlarges codes when seen from a distance.

An early iteration of this function was found some time ago, and this functionality has been under testing for a while. Google is now formally distributing the update to users. You may receive the update later than others, depending on the manufacturer of your phone. It should arrive sooner rather than later if you own a Pixel phone.

The QR code reader on Android enlarges QR codes

It can be challenging to scan a QR code on a distant sign or from across a restaurant. Sometimes it’s impossible to go close enough, yet you don’t want to pass up the chance. This feature’s rationale is as follows: It’s a software update for the integrated QR code reader, so there’s nothing to download.

To scan a code, simply point your QR code reader at the code you wish to scan. When the reader senses that you’re attempting to scan a far-off code, it will automatically enlarge the image. You won’t have to relocate from your position as a result.

Please be aware that the resolution of your camera will determine how useful this feature is. You won’t be able to reach as far as someone with an 8MP camera can with a 16MP camera. So, the effectiveness of this tool will depend on the quality of the camera and the picture processing. Moreover, you won’t get the same results when scanning a QR code in a dimly lit area. You may have to wait a little while since Google is currently spreading this out. It will eventually show up on other phones, as it has only been observed on a Pixel 8 Pro thus far.

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