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Anonymous declares war on pro-Russian hacker group Killnet

The Anonymous collective has made a powerful statement on social media. The hackers have officially launched a cyber war against the pro-Russian group Killnet, which recently attacked European institutions.

 Just weeks after anonymous hackers officially declared war on Russia to support Ukraine, the collective is now attacking another group of hackers, Killnet. On Twitter, the @YourAnonOne account announced that: the Anonymous group was now officially in cyberwarfare against the pro-Russian hackers Killnet† Killnet had been talking a lot about him after the group a few days ago attacked the websites of the Italian Parliament, the military, and the National Institute of Health† The attack also hit the Automobile Club d’Italia and several other Italian institutions. Other Russian hackers also posed as diplomats to hack into embassies.

Anonymous wants to end Killnet’s cyber attacks

Shortly after the declaration of war on Twitter, Anonymous published a new message announcing that the official Killnet site in Russia had been taken down. By repeatedly attacking Killnet, the Anonymous collective probably expects to disrupt the smooth course of his attacks, which have multiplied in Europe in recent weeks.

At the end of April, the group also attacked the Romanian government. Websites owned by public institutions, including the government and the Ministry of Defense were hit by denial of service attacks originating in Russia Romanian agencies have announced that Killnet specializes in DDoS attacks and has previously attacked sites associated with the governments of the United States, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, and other NATO members.

The attack was described as “symbolic” by Romanian Defense Minister Vasile Dincu: “Such attacks exist even without ongoing war on government sites. Our cybersecurity departments are ready. Episodes like this are made by amateurs too. Some are orchestrated by institutions.” It is hoped, then, that the Anonymous collective will succeed in repelling Killnet’s attacks on NATO countries.

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