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Apple A14 Processor To Exceed 3.1GHz

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The most stable upgrade of the iPhone 12 series in 2020 is the A14 processor. This time, TSMC’s 5nm process will be used. Now it is reported that the running score of the A14 processor has been exposed. The frequency stack has reached 3.1GHz. The GK5 has a single core of 1658 points and a multicore of 4612 points.

Although the 3GHz ARM processor has been advertised since the 20nm node, it has been tested. The frequency of the mass-produced mobile phone SoC has never exceeded 3GHz. The Apple A14 may become the first ARM mobile processor to officially exceed 3GHz.

According to the @IceUniverse, it is suspected that the GeekBench 4 running score of Apple A14 has appeared, and the frequency has reached 3.1GHz, which is 400MHz higher than the current A13’s 2.7GHz.

At such high frequencies, Geekbench 5’s running points also soared, with single-core 1658 points and multi-core 4612 points.

How big is the improvement of A14? He cited the Geekbench 5 data test of a hardware website. The single-core and multi-core of A13 are 1329 and 3468 points. In comparison, the single-core performance of the A14 has increased by 25%, and the multi-core performance has increased by 33%. You must know that Apple has been riding on the performance of the A11 processor. The processor speed will not only revolutionize the image processing and image quality but also improve the video quality and video editing quality of the device.

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At present, the performance of the ARM processor in the Android camp is even beyond the A12. The latest product has just touched the A13 level. This year, it will be thrown away by the iPhone 12’s A14. The current Geekbench 5 running performance and single-core performance are about 1.5 times higher than the Android flagship processor.

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