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Apple acquires AI Music Startup

Apple on Monday purchased AI Music, a startup that has created a platform that allows the creation of songs with artificial intelligence. According to people familiar with the deal was completed in the last few weeks.

According to Bloomberg, AI Music’s technology allows for royalty-free music made with AI. The music’s soundtracks are constantly evolving and may change according to the user’s interaction in real-time. For instance, the music can be played with an entirely different sound during long periods of intense workouts. As explained on the website of the company that has since been removed (but you are able to view the site via a stored version), AI Music can create music that “adapt to the rhythm of your heart.”

AI Music is at the leading edge of examining the ways artificial intelligence can modify and modify music. Simply put, we believe it is important to make music accessible, and relevant to its creators and listeners.
With our Infinite Music Engine and other proprietary technology, we deliver bespoke solutions for marketers, publishers, fitnessprofessionals, creative agencies and many more.
Music that is able to adapt to your pulse and audio ads that match the user’s context, universal licensing that cover all types of types… Everything is feasible and much more, thanks to our innovative research and the ability to scale our internal development.

Apple has declined to discuss the acquisition, therefore the price paid for the company remains undetermined and so are the strategies to incorporate its technology into Apple products. However, it appears that Apple is making major changes for Apple Music this year, since the company acquired the classical music company Primephonic in August 2021.