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Apple AirTags get an update with added security

There are repeated reports of stalking or theft in connection with the Apple AirTags on the internet. Apple now wants to counter this with an upcoming firmware update, which among other things changes the volume at which the tags can sound the alarm. Apple has yet to hear a lot of criticism about its AirTags. In addition to all their practical properties, the smart trackers can unfortunately also be extremely practical for stalkers and thieves.

Here too you could read articles about the security of item trackers shortly after the release of AirTags. Apple recently responded to the allegations, promising it would work on additional security measures for the AirTags. One of the problems is that the tiny trackers can be misused to commit theft or stalk people. Apple now wants to counter this with a firmware update.

Is harder also safer?

AirTag owners can’t resist this update, which Apple says should be rolled out in mid-May. Version 1.0.301 is therefore a mandatory update. If anyone other than the rightful owner of the tags is currently on the road with such a part, an alarm will go off after a while. It’s still relatively inconspicuous at the moment and this is exactly where Apple will start. The Cupertino-based company is giving the AirTags a different, more aggressive frequency and, most importantly, will make them louder. This makes it easier to locate the trackers.

The catch in the story: Using the tags as protection against theft will also make them more likely to be spotted by thieves thanks to the louder alarm. There is also the problem that the alarm only goes off after closing time.

For example, if a stalker is after you, it may be too late before that louder alarm goes off. In addition, there will certainly be enough people who can easily expand the alarm in the AirTags. So the good news is that AirTags will become more secure from mid-May – but the tags still offer too much potential for those with criminal tendencies.

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