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Apple Watch SE 2: New design, new technology and price indications

With the Apple Watch SE 2, a successor to the mid-range smartwatch introduced in 2020 will appear in the short term. According to new insider information, an always-on display and improved chips are on the upside. However, the price must also go up.

For almost two years now, the Apple Watch SE has been filling the gap between its current flagship, currently the Apple Watch Series 7, and the Series 3, which is still offered for the entry-level segment. “LeaksApplePro”, Apple should release the second generation of the Watch SE in the fall. The iDropNews blog gives a look at the possible design, functions, and specifications, but also the price and availability of the 2022 model.

Old wine in new bags

The first downer: the design of the Apple Watch SE 2 should not change compared to its predecessor. The Watch SE 2, therefore, has to do without the considerably narrower screen frames of a Series 7. The sizes should also remain unchanged – 40 and 44 millimeters. The current Apple S7 chip, a permanently active display (always on), enhanced audio functions and ECG sensors should make up the functionality of the Apple Watch SE by 2022. In terms of battery life, nothing should change, although an always-on display could go hand in hand with a higher battery capacity.

Up to 18 hours should be possible with one charge. The leaker also speculates about the possible integration of fast-charging technology, previously reserved only for the Apple Watch Series 7. Finally, in the United States, there could be a price increase from $20 to at least $299. Apple should not expect a delay in delivery for the time being due to the ongoing chip crisis. However, the situation regarding the corona pandemic remains tense. The presentation is expected until further notice in the fall of 2022, probably in September.