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Apple iPhone 14: More images show the new notch alternatives

The iPhone 14 family, which is expected in the fall, should set the tone for Apple for a display without a notch. New leaks confirm the rumors and show more photos of the possible front panels. But as is known, only two of the four models reach the “freedom from notches”. In addition to exotic models with foldable displays, smartphone manufacturers have been working for years on a front that consists exclusively of a large display.

In the future, selfie cameras, sensors and the like will be hidden almost invisibly under the screen. However, there seems to be no perfect solution for Apple to date, which is why the American manufacturer cannot do without the annoying elements above the display this year. Nevertheless, the iPhone 14 (Pro) should be used on two tracks.

Narrow frames, new size, and a camera with a clutter factor

While the “cheap” iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max models could be equipped with the classic notch, the Pro models would have a perforated camera. The pill-shaped recess was previously seen in several drawings and is now used by other Pictures unofficially confirmed. There is also talk that the iOS smartphones iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have an insignificantly narrower screen frame and the aspect ratios should change slightly from the previous 19.5:9 format to a 20:9 format. Apple wouldn’t start a design revolution here.

Manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, or Xiaomi have long used round or pill-shaped punch-hole front cameras. However, this move should signal from Cupertino that the notch will be phased out in the future – at least from the iPhone portfolio. The design feature, which has been criticized by many, only recently became part of the MacBook Pro family, but without the familiar Face ID facial recognition. The notch should disappear completely in two years at the earliest.