Apple and Samsung are interested in buying shares of Arm


In the past, Arm declared that the company would go public in September 2023. This announcement by the company grabbed the attention of several major tech giants. As per the reports, industry leaders like Samsung, Apple, Intel, and Nvidia are interested in buying ARM stakes.  

The significance of buying ARM stakes

Although Arm may appear to be simply another tech company at first glance, the company plays a crucial role because it specializes in licensing chip designs to a variety of enterprises. Such efforts by Arm make it easy for companies like Apple and Samsung to use customized solutions like the M1 chip. Besides this, around 250 million devices are powered by Arm chips globally. Arm chips cover around 90% of the smartphone chip market.

Furthermore, the company is also financially strong. In the previous year, the company generated $2.8 billion in sales. It was an increase of 70% in contrast to figures acquired in 2016 following the conclusion of the acquisition by SoftBank Group.

The strategic approach of the company

Arm intends to distribute “a few percent each” in stakes to particular businesses like Apple and Samsung in an effort to stabilize stock performance after listing. This plan attempts to reduce potential initial trading instability and open the door for consistent market value growth for the company.

In the future, Arm will face immense competition from competitors like Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors, which are preparing to develop a new chip architecture named RISC-V. Additionally, the current economic climate, where IPO valuations saw a huge two-thirds decline in 2022, could present challenges for Arm.

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