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Apple And Samsung May Collaborate To Develop iPhone 13 Camera

iPhone 13 Camera

Just a few months after the launch of the new iPhone 12, the first rumors about the next Apple phones, the presumable iPhone 13, are beginning to arrive. The news that comes from the other side of the world points to a joint work of the firm from Cupertino with several South Korean companies, including Samsung.

Thus, according to information on a Chinese blog, it seems that Apple’s objective is to improve the periscope lens of its cameras by strengthening the optical zoom in its next phones and that for this it would need the work already done by Samsung in this field.

Although Samsung is not explicitly mentioned in the report, all sources point to it as the partner company. This would not be so atypical, since the Korean company already included in its Galaxy Note 20 Ultra a 48 MP periscope lens that allowed a digital zoom of up to 100 increases, and something similar would be what is being sought for a hypothetical iPhone 13.

Nor would it be the first time that Apple and Samsung worked together for a product of the bitten apple. In fact, in the iPhone 12, you can already see a lot of Samsung with the OLED panels being supplied by the Korean giant. Despite this first information, the truth is that, if this association finally occurs, it would not necessarily have to occur in the iPhone 13. Frankly, being aware of how meticulous Apple is with its products, it could take a while for the new one to materialize technology in the iPhone camera, so you could even talk about a later iPhone like the 14.

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