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Apple Continue To Grow Despite Crisis

The computer company Apple can no longer sustain the strong growth of recent years, given the increasing braking factors on the world market. Despite this, the company is developing better than the company was credited. As Apple announced during its most recent balance sheet presentation, revenue had grown to $83 billion in the past three months.

This corresponds to an increase of 2 percent – last year, however, an increase of 36 percent was recorded. Despite this, Apple’s current earnings have exceeded analysts’ targets. In particular, the company failed to resist several trends in the markets. For example, Mac sales fell 10 percent year over year. This is roughly in line with what market researchers have observed in terms of declining sales for the entire PC market.

The background to this is, among other things, the end of the positive effects of the corona lockdowns, with many users switching to the home office and upgrading their hardware here.

Services are growing strongly

In the case of iPhones, which account for about half of the group’s sales, there was at least a slight plus of 3 percent year-on-year. By contrast, Apple once again posted the strongest growth in services. Here the company had invested heavily to be less dependent on hardware sales and to be able to use the installed base – which has now reached a new record – economically. However, it is still unclear what the coming period will look like.

After all, there are many factors that put the business at risk – Apple, for example, has a large number of retail customers whose purchasing power is currently significantly reduced by inflation. “Looking at the overall outlook, we expect sales to increase in the September quarter, despite some weaknesses,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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