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Apple Ditches 5-Watt Power Accessories With iPhone 12 Series

20 W charger

So if you had an old charger or power bank or any accessory, you might need to upgrade it.
Apple could be expected for later this year iPhone 12 models attach a new power supply for faster charging. At least that is what recent photos and database entries from certification bodies in Australia and Norway suggest.

Last fall, Apple had finally responded to the criticism that had persisted for years and at least included USB-C power supply with 18 watts for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, the iPhone 11 is still sold with a 5-watt power supply, which unnecessarily extends the charging time of the large battery. Current leaks now give hope that the upcoming iPhone generation should take a leap forward in terms of charging time without exception.

Apple’s new USB-C power supplies are certified

According to the unofficial information available, Apple is preparing to launch a new fast-charging power supply that will be included in the delivery for the entire iPhone 12 series. According to the website MySmartPrice, a corresponding electronic device has been certified by Apple in both Australia and Norway.

The model number of the power supply, which could be seen in a database of the Norwegian certification body, is A2305. In the Australian variant, however, it is the model number A2247. In both cases, the power is given as 20 watts. It is not yet known what differences there are.

In addition to these already very clear instructions, the Twitter user provides the first unofficial photos of the new iPhone charger. Among other things, this shows that the power supply unit is designed for USB-PD (USB Power Delivery), which means that, for example, intelligent energy management is supported in the power supply.

Four iPhone 12 models expected

For Apple customers, the iPhone 12 generation with a new, more angular design should mark the end of the 5-watt power supply. The rumor mill predicts four new iPhones for autumn 2020, which should differ in terms of display and display size.

These include the iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch panel, the iPhone 12 Max with 6.1-inch, the iPhone 12 Pro also with 6.1-inch, and finally the iPhone 12 Max with a 6.7-inch display. At least with the two Pro models, the refresh rate of the screen could also increase from 60 Hertz to 120 Hertz, which can contribute to more pleasant user experience. This would mean that Apple would raise the iPhones to the level of the iPad Pro series for the first time.