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Apple Fitness+ Service To Come On iPhone Soon

Apple Fitness+

Until now, sports enthusiasts who wanted to use Apple’s Fitness+ sports service also had to own an Apple Watch. That will finally change shortly: Apple will also release the service on the iPhone without an Apple Watch.

Starting with iOS 16.1

Apple will not only release the new version of iPadOS, iOS, and macOS from October 24th – at the same time Apple will also start Fitness+ without Apple Watch “compulsion”. There are only a few restrictions. According to Apple, you will be able to use Fitness+ on the iPhone

with the required software update iOS 16.1. You need an Apple smartphone to log in, but you can then also start the workouts via iPad or Apple TV or AirPlay and a Smart TV.

Apple fitness+


Access the full range of workouts and meditations from the appropriate tab in the fitness app. One limitation is the measurement of fitness data. While Apple Watch owners can rely on constant heart rate monitoring, including to determine their calorie consumption, iPhone users have to rely on estimates.

So if you want to use personalized performance data to measure your success, you won’t be able to avoid a watch. Otherwise, you can try out all types of sports and complete effective sports sessions without the Apple Watch. But Apple is not only changing the option that Fitness+ can also be used without a watch – the group is now offering all buyers of an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV three months free of charge. Previously, this was only available in connection with the purchase of an Apple Watch.

iOS 16.1 will feature a number of changes alongside Fitness+ support. We have reported several times that Apple is still adding some functions that were not ready for the launch of iOS 16.

The Fitness+ subscription currently costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Alternatively, Fitness+ is also included in the Apple One Premium package for $28.95.

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