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Apple Starts Release Candidate For iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1 beta

Apple has released another preview version of iOS 16.1 as part of the beta testing program. The beta test is coming to an end, the update is a release candidate. The final release will take place early next week.

After Apple had already revealed the release date for the iOS and iPadOS 16.1 update, the publication of a release candidate was only a matter of form.

Apple has finally arrived on the home straight for the completion of iPadOS 16. With the recent release of the new beta version for developers and in the public test program, only a few improvements and bug fixes have been delivered.

So nothing stands in the way of releasing it to all users. Apple had announced that the new version would be available from Monday, October 24th. An announcement is otherwise only usual for the release of the initial iOS and iPadOS versions, for example for iOS 16. However, since no function update has been released for the iPad so far, Apple also confirmed the release date for 16.1.

How to join the beta program

The new update is now available as an update. Registered users simply obtain the new version over the air, i.e. as an online update. Anyone who has not yet registered for the beta program can do so at any time and join the beta phase. Participation is free and requires a one-time registration to the program at beta.apple.com/sp/en/betaprogram from the applicable supported device. An Apple ID is required for this.

Opting out of the beta test is just as easy and can be done after logging in with the Apple ID.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get new beta versions automatically, just like any other update. However, one should keep in mind that, as with any beta version, unforeseen problems could arise. Apple, therefore, warns with every new round of beta testing that it is better not to use your productive iPhone, but a second device for the tests.

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