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Apple Gained 1000% Market Value During The 10 Years Of Tim Cook Reign

Apple Turned 45 on April 1st

Apple CEO Tim Cook can celebrate an anniversary today. Exactly 10 years ago, Apple’s father, Steve Jobs, resigned from his position as CEO of the US computer company and left Cook to run the business. Since then, the iPhone giant’s value rose 1000 percent.

Yesterday, ten years were completed since Steve Jobs announced his resignation as head of Apple. On August 24, 2011, he wrote a letter to the employees and shareholders of what is now the world’s most valuable company, announcing his departure from CEO positions. His successor was Tim Cook, who made one thing out of Apple above all else: an extremely profitable business.

Today, at this very moment, Apple is worth $2.473 trillion, making it the most financially valuable company on the planet by market value. Tim Cook also played a significant role in this, as the company’s value has increased more than tenfold since Steve Jobs resigned.

Tim Cook is considered less charismatic than his predecessor Jobs, but Apple has come a long way under the leadership of the comparatively sober manager. Thanks to highly successful products such as the iPhoneiPad, and Apple Watch as well as a steadily growing number of digital services with monthly contributions, Apple earns outstanding earnings, even if the market share in the personal computer sector has remained comparatively low.

Well positioned for the future

When Steve Jobs announced in his letter on the occasion of his resignation that Apple’s best days were still to come, he too could not have foreseen the heights to which Apple would soar under the leadership of Tim Cook.