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Apple IDs Can Now be Changed from a Third-Party Email to an Apple Domain

Apple made an important notable update yesterday relating the procedure of changing the mailing address linked to Apple ID. Now one can change their respective Apple IDs from a third-party mailing service like Yahoo or Gmail to an Apple domain.

Previously Apple only allowed its users to alter their Apple email IDs from just one-third party provider to another. For example, if one had an Apple ID related to a Yahoo email address, then the individual can switch it to a Gmail address and vice versa. However, one cannot switch from Yahoo/Gmail to @iCloud.com.

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Apple reports in an updated support document about this update of switching. The firm further explains that if an individual’s Apple ID is related to a Yahoo or Gmail mailing address so now one can switch to [email protected],@mac.com or @me.com accounts.

In the support document, Apple has highlighted the steps one must take in order to make the switch. The firm mentions that one must log out from all the Apple service and device that one is using an Apple ID before making the change to the email address related to one’s account.

Following are the steps that need to be taken:

Using iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. Enter Settings > [enter your name] > Name, Phone Numbers, Email address
  2. Besides Reachable At, click on Edit, then omit your currently in use Apple ID
  3. Click on to Continue. Then Enter the Apple ID you want to use
  4. Click on to Next

Using Apple Account ID Page

  1. Log in on applied.apple.com
  2. Click on ‘Edit’ in the section of Accounts
  3. Below Apple ID, click on the change Apple ID
  4. Enter the Apple ID that you want to use now
  5. Then click Continue

Apple also gave the disclaimer that once the Apple ID is switched from a third-party mailing address to an Apple domain, an individual cannot go back.

This is an important update that Apple took very long to make. Users who have made their Apple ID with a Gmail or Yahoo account that has become non-operational as they integrated into the Apple ecosystem could make the most use of this update.

Though the update is late it’s a much-welcomed one for sure.

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