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Apple Watch saved Man’s Life In California After a Crash

A slack-jointed Apple Watch was a very wise choice for a California man who could credit it with helping him seek help following a life-threatening accident. Hermosa Beach police in Los Angeles County, California, were dispatched on the spot of a collision at the early hours of the night following the Apple Watch feature notified emergency services.

As per the police station in town the officers had been responding to an emergency call that came from Apple Watch. Apple Watch. If the watch detects the fall, a 60-second countdown will begin. If you’re fine following the fall, it’s possible to put the timer off until emergency services are summoned. However, if you’re struck by a fall, Apple Watch will immediately notify 911 emergency personnel that someone’s taken the fall with force. The automatic system will also relay with them the coordinates where the fall took place, as well as an approximate radius of the location.

It happened around 11:30 a.m.

When a rider on an electric bicycle collided and fell. Officers responded to 911 requests from using an Apple Watch and discovered a cyclist lying unconscious on the road as well as bleeding on his head. The accident required several days being in an ER for the cyclist. Fall detection can be used on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 or later. This fall, Apple updated the watch software to enhance fall detection capabilities during exercises like cycling. The algorithm is based on the recognition of specific movements and impacts from falls when cycling or other activities. The latest update for watchOS 8 allows users to turn on the detection of falls only in exercise.