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Apple iPhone 12 OLED Panel To Come With 120Hz Refresh Rate XDR Technology And Higher Screen Resolution

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After the extensive “leaks” of recent weeks, experts are now talking about further details of the iPhone 12 series, which Apple is expected to introduce in September. The focus of the leaks is on the new OLED displays, their resolution, and 120Hz technology.

Hardly a day goes by without new information and images about the upcoming smartphones of the Apple iPhone 12 family coming to light. For example, display expert Ross Young speaks in a new blog post about the technical data of the iOS models expected in autumn 2020, which mainly relate to the screens used. He assumes that Apple will mainly purchase flexible OLED displays from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung. Only the iPhone 12 Max should use components from BOE or LG. Ross also wants to know more about the resolution of the touch screens.

Higher pixel density, 120Hz and XDR technology expected

If you trust this information, the compact 5.4-inch model in the form of the “normal” Apple iPhone 12 will have a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and thus achieve a pixel density of 475 ppi. The two 6.1-inch smartphones iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro, on the other hand, should achieve 2532 x 1170 pixels at 460 ppi and the expert predicts a resolution of 2778 x 1284 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max flagship, which may grow to 6.7 inches Pixels at 458 ppi. In addition, he agrees with the current speculations that attribute a refresh rate of 120 Hz to the Pro models, but also predicts that the energy-saving LTPO technology should not be used here.

Ross continues to expect that the OLED displays of the two flagships have a color depth of 10 bits and that well-known HDR adaptations such as “Extreme Dynamic Range” (XDR) could be accommodated. The latter is currently used in the Apple Pro Display XDR, which was launched together with the latest Mac Pro in June 2019. In his opinion, however, Apple would have to adjust the definition of XDR technology for the iPhone 12 Pro smartphones downwards, as these are unlikely to reach the brightness values ​​of area-wide 1000 nits and peaks of up to 1600 nits.

As usual, even detailed information of this kind should be viewed with some skepticism, as Apple does not make public any rumors before a presentation. Confirmation of the speculations is therefore not expected before a possible September keynote.

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