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OnePlus Wants To Remove See Through Camera Filter From OnePlus 8 Pro

With its supposed X-ray camera, smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has gathered plenty of attention in the past few days. But now it was probably too much of a good thing and you want to deactivate the corresponding functionality afterward.

The company had equipped its new OnePlus 8 Pro model with special camera optics that were intended to provide various color filter options. To do this, the sensor recorded a wider light spectrum, which was then to be used in subsequent image processing to improve the photographs. An unintended side effect, however, was that some materials became so transparent.

This first became apparent when pictures appeared on which the inside of various electronic products shimmered through the plastic housing. However, photos followed quickly, showing people’s clothing. OnePlus reacted to this with an announcement on Weibo to deactivate or at least to defuse the function in question in an upcoming software update for the smartphone.

Date still unclear

The company published a corresponding message at least for HydrogenOS, which means that Chinese users will be affected for the time being. However, it is to be expected that the Android versions in the rest of the world will be provided with a corresponding change – because of course, the company does not want to have the reputation that one can “undress” other people with one of its devices. It is not yet possible to say when we can expect a corresponding update.

The effect is caused by the processing of light in the infrared spectrum that is normally not perceived by the human eye. These frequency ranges can sometimes penetrate materials that are impassable for visible light. If the corresponding spectra are then made visible in the subsequent image processing, the translucent effect occurs.

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