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Apple iPhone 14 Preorders Hit by Plenty of Problems

After the pre-order phase for the iPhone 14 series had just started, Apple and its partners apparently had some problems handling the ordering process without further ado. Many customers complained about errors. How among other things The Verge reports, the Apple website only threw up errors with various potential buyers of the new iPhone 14 after a lot of delays, so that the pre-order process simply failed in many cases.

There is much speculation about the reasons. Many iPhone buyers reported that they were not able to use the upgrade option via their network operator by providing their phone numbers. This is a problem in the USA in particular since Apple works closely with mobile phone providers there, so many customers try to take advantage of such offers.

Various problems simultaneously

In addition to the problem with verifying phone numbers, there also appeared to be difficulties processing credit card payments. In addition, there were difficulties loading the website from Apple’s servers and processing financing offers, it is said.

For customers, the problems with processing pre-orders also caused problems in other ways. In many cases, after a lot of effort, it was finally possible to place an order, but quite a few buyers found that the delays pushed them so far back in the pre-order queue that the delivery date had changed by several in the meantime pushed back weeks.

It’s not the first time Apple and its carrier and retail partners have had trouble pre-ordering a new iPhone. Recently, there were similar messages when the iPhone 13 was launched, which was due to the same errors and delays.

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