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Apple iPhone 15 Ultra Model for 2023

As leaked earlier, the iPhone 15 major features and its lineup, the Ultra model instead of Pro Max is under consideration. Not only the Apple Watch but also the iPhone should be supplemented by an ultra class in the future. Now the news comes from Mark Gruman and he is convinced of this. However, the popular Pro Max model could fall by the wayside and the prices for a top model could skyrocket (even) further.

Despite harsh criticism, the new Apple iPhone 14 family seems to be enjoying great popularity. The demand for Apple’s online shop is still so high that the delivery times have already been postponed to November. But as is well known, after the keynote is before the keynote, which is why experts are already working on the next generation of smartphones, the possible iPhone 15 (Pro).

The often well-informed Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman currently assumes that Apple will come up with a long-awaited design upgrade and the change from outdated Lightning to USB-C ports next year. Aside from that, rumors continue to talk about a possible periscope camera with a significantly expanded zoom.

Does iPhone upgrade at a luxury price?

However, Gurman’s forecast sounds costly, since he sees the innovations primarily in an iPhone 15 Ultra. With the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, Apple could pump old wine through new hoses next year and be paid royally for the real upgrades in the form of an ultra smartphone. The previous “Pro Max” flagship could even be completely replaced in the course of the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Apple is often criticized for its product and pricing policy, especially in a crisis-ridden year like this one. At least 999 euros have to be paid for the new iPhone 14, which looks like the previous year’s model, both visually and technically. For the “really new” Pro models, on the other hand, a price range of 1299 euros to 2099 euros is called for. It remains to be seen whether the company will orientate itself towards outdoor users with the Ultra iPhone, similar to the Apple Watch, or whether the new class will only be used to further increase the price for a design upgrade that is long overdue.

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