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Apple iPhone 7: Let the burn games begin

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Okay, so we all know what went down with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries catching fire. This led to one of the biggest product recalls leading to Samsung’s massive drop in shares and a loss in millions. We hear today that Apple iPhone 7 Plus exploded as well. One owner of Apple iPhone 7 Plus claimed that her phone was on fire. In a video posted on Twitter, the Apple iPhone owner, Brianna Olivas showcased her rose gold iPhone burnt. She is a college student n Tucson Arizona. The video and pictures show thee melted plastic case sitting on the bathroom basin emitting smoke. In the 21 second clip capture by Olivas boyfriend on his phone, it seems that the iPhone battery has caught fire internally.

An Apple representative said that the company investigating the incident. They claim that they have talked to Olivas at the Apple Store-when she brough in her burnt phone. After, Samsung’s recall of Galaxy Note 7 blamed on battery flaws the incident with Apple is spine jittering. While Samsung says that it has changed its manufacturing process and testing procedures to catch faulty batteries before market launch, what will Apple do if this scenario causes a domino effect?

Apple iPhone 7 sees the second report of burning battery

Olivas iPhone video has more than 30,000 retweets since. There were reports of iPhone batteries catching fire. However, the company chose to address them as isolated incidents. Previous October, an iPhone 7 caught fire in Australia. It destroyed a user’s car. Another incident involved an iPhone 6 plus that burst to flames in New Jersey.

CNET reports that Olivas bought the iPhone 7 from a Sprint store on January 4th. The 128 GB iPhone Plus had a clear plastic case and didn’t show any issues. Earlier this week the iPhone did not turn on despite having 56 percent battery left.

“My phone out of nowhere died,” Olivas said. “I plugged it in and thought it was so weird because it took longer than usual to turn back on.”

The iPhone came to life a few tries later but only for a couple of moments. After that it shut off again. When the phone was plugged in again the phone switched on and started flashing the Apple logo. However, it went dead again and this time did not turn on.

 Sprint has not responded on the issue

On Tuesday, Olivas took the phone to a Sprint store. The tech support worker was able to get the device switched on. But the screen was of an unusual yellow color. Sprint found nothing wrong in the phone after running the diagnostics.

“I asked how that could be. The phone wasn’t turning on at all [on Monday],” she said. “They said they were not sure, but there was nothing wrong with the phone. They said they weren’t too concerned with it.”

The next morning Olivas was woken up by the noises from the smoking phone. The heated up phone was on the dresser table next to her bed. She threw it in the bathroom.

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“I knew something was wrong with the phone, but [Sprint] told me nothing was wrong,” Olivas said.

The phone did not have any water damage or cracks. She never dropped the phone either. The iPhone charger was the original one and not third party products. Despite this the phone caught fire. The phone case was made by Tech21 and was clear so that did not cause any damage.

I was pretty upset,” said Olivas, who usually sleeps with the phone next to her head. “My hair could have caught on fire, or my face could have burned.”

The burnt device was taken to the Sprint store. She was advised to take the phone to the Apple Store. There the phone was examined and replaced with a new model. They also replaced her burnt case. So far, there hasn’t been any contact with Apple of Olivas after the exchange of the phone.

Image via Brianna Olivas

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