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Apple iPhone SE2 Will Adopt iPhone 8 Design

iPhone SE2 Design

Apple iPhone SE2 the budget phone will adopt iPhone 8 design it was learned today, a few days ago analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that iPhone SE2 will be launched with the price tag of $399 and it will be released in early 2020.  

However, he didn’t talk much about the design of Apple SE2, today we got some other news about Apple SE2 design, according to the details Apple SE2 will continue to follow Apple iPhone 8 design.

Apple iPhone 8 design was not much admired by the users earlier, it also had some bad reputation due to a number of issues, one issue was regarding earpiece, the phone used to make crackling noise, however, iPhone promised to fixed the issue in the next update but it appeared that people were backing off the device after they heard about the issues. Another issue reported was screen cracking due to battery charge, it was reported that after some time of use, iPhone 8’s battery charging was causing the screen to inflate a bit which cracks up the screen. Apple also tried to boost iPhone 8 sales by selling refurbished phones for less because Apple was not getting enough from the sales.

The new iPhone SE2 will adopt iPhone 8 design and iPhone 11 specifications, now the specifications are just fine for the budget phone but the design might disappoint the iPhone users as they are expecting something new this time.

More importantly, the latest iPhone SE2 not only refers to the design of some iPhone 8, but also gets some iPhone SE and iPhone 5s style, especially the close edge arc design, but the plastic shell of iPhone SE is not seen. Instead, it seems to be metal and glass.

iPhone SE2 Specifications

The new iPhone SE2 will sport a 4.7-inch screen with ID Home button on the screen, Apple will use A13 CPU inside the device, however, it would be a better upgrade if Apple could have used A12 inside. iPhone SE2 will have 12MP or 13MP single-shot camera along with 2GB or 3GB memory and resolution between HD or Full HD. The new iPhone SE would be available in four colors, so far it seems an average budget iPhone but what else you can expect in $399.