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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaked Renders Are Here With 8000mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

New Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Renders are surfaced quite recently which suggests that Galaxy Fold 2 would be carrying a huge battery pack of 8000mAh. Previously, Samsung has launched its Galaxy Fold model which only had 4380mAh battery capacity, however, it was also a big battery pack for the users but it might not be enough for the large screen foldable phone Samsung has realized.

Therefore, the new renders and leaks suggest that Galaxy Fold 2 is coming with huge battery 8000mAh. The new device has been improved significantly, as we saw some earlier complaints about the device regarding the screen and others, the new device now comes with seamless folding screen, and it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU with liquid cooling.

According to tech radar, the new Galaxy Fold 2 could arrive in April 2020 and it comes in the 6.7-inch screen which is a little smaller than Galaxy Fold. However, BGR claims that Galaxy Fold 2 would come sometime in April and it will sport an 8.1-inch OLED panel. Both the claims are almost closer to the one we have today.

Since we still have leaks and rumors we cannot precisely tell that what screen size Galaxy Fold 2 would be sporting, but the recent leak strongly suggests that Galaxy Fold 2 will sport 6.6-inch OLED screen on each side when its folded and it would expand to 8.0-inch display when it’s unfolded. So the earlier guesses are on the spot.

One of the new features that we can spot in this leak is the self-timer front lens, this is because the device is designed with the outer fold, and the camera part remains outside when the screen is folded.

The new Galaxy Fold 2 also comes with the new laptop mode feature and special DEX mode power supply along with the liquid cooling system, the company even provides a retractable stand to make the notebook mode even more professional. The new Galaxy Fold 2 would be designed keeping the first generation and its issues in mind, Samsung is more likely to come up with more powerful and quality device this time, we will get more insights to the device as it approaches its launch date.

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