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Apple is Closing all Stores and Offices in China Temporarily

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Due to the fear of coronavirus, Apple has decided to close each and every of its store and office located in China till the 9th of February. They say that this move is an abundance of caution and also it has been advised by the leading health experts.

An official statement has been given out by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stating that the giant tech company will be closing all the offices, contact centres and stores in China until the 9th of February. Many corporations all over the world are figuring out how to respond to this epidemic virus.

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Flights from China have been halted all across the globe; Nissan and Honda have vacated their workers, also star bucks have shut down its outlets in the country.

Apple, on the other hand, has restricted every employee travelling to china and has also provided new guidelines for cleanliness in stores and for employee health. Due to the virus situation, they have issued a revenue forecast statement which is very uncertain than the usual one. However, the online Apple store will remain open but all the big stores in China will be closed.

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