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Apple MacBook Air Expecting More Screen Sizes

The MacBook Air will receive a new design and hardware upgrade to the highly anticipated Apple M2 chip later this year. New sizes for the retina display, which is currently only installed in the 13-inch format, are expected by 2023 at the latest.

After the MacBook Air was sold with a compact 11-inch screen, the American manufacturer has been limiting itself to the 13-inch diagonal for more than three years, which is popular with many Mac users. As the often knowledgeable Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO (DSCC) Ross Young reports, this could change by next year at the latest. According to its sources, Apple is working on new screen sizes for iPads and the MacBook Air, it is still unclear which way it will go.

Apple MacBook Air getting bigger?

While there are no alternatives to more compact laptops in Apple’s portfolio, customers will have to turn to the significantly more expensive MacBook Pro models for the often more productive 15- or 16-inch size. The entry-level MacBook Air is currently available in the Apple Store for 1129 euros, while the MacBook Pro (2021) starts at 2249 euros (14 inches) or 2749 euros (16 inches). Not only the price is decisive, but also the performance of the Pro models, which may be too large for MacBook Air users. For newcomers, it would make sense for Apple to consider a larger display for the MacBook Air, whose first update is expected in the second half of 2022.

Insiders expect an upgrade to the new Apple M2 chip and a new design. However, according to the current status of rumors and leaks, the MacBook Air will not have a mini LED display. New display formats are likely to follow in 2023. Since the production of the M2 chip could drag on into the fall, experts are betting on an idea by October or November. Until now, it was considered unlikely that Apple will showcase a new MacBook Air at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2022) in June.

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