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Apple services down in Germany: iCloud, Store, and Maps

Apple is currently having huge problems with online services in Germany. According to media reports, numerous offers are currently being disrupted. Updates fail and numerous services such as iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple Maps work extremely slowly or not at all. We were made aware of the problem by a reader who read about the error message in Caschy’s blog had tripped. There it says, “Apple Services status page currently shows no errors, the truth is different.” Numerous Apple services have been interrupted and there is still no mention of what could have happened. But the problem seems to be getting bigger.

Problems piled up since about 5pm

Users confirm the outages and we also had problems when we tried to use one of Apple’s many online services. Also on the “All Errors” page, you can see the massive increase in reported issues for Apple services from about 5 pm. It is now the case that the Status page at Apple in Germany displays the errors. According to the overview page, the following offers have been disrupted:

Fix errors according to Apple

  • App Store
  • apple arcade
  • Apple TV+
  • iCloud.com
  • iCloud account and login
  • iCloud Calendar
  • iCloud contacts
  • iCloud Keychain
  • iCoud private relay
  • itunes store
  • radio
  • Search cards
  • Map view
  • maps traffic
  • Map routing
  • Where is?

With the reported failure of “Where is?” there should now be huge problems with Apple’s AirTags too. Status reports at Apple are currently changing rapidly, services that were initially reported as “failure” have now jumped back to “green – available”. We are monitoring this and will update you when there is more information. More on that soon!

Have you also discovered problems or have you already read hints about the background? Many thanks to the numerous news outlets about the problem at Apple. You can use this form to send us tips and news at any time.


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