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Apple Music and Apple TV apps now available for Windows

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Last year Microsoft had a big announcement for Apple users. it declared that soon it will come forward with support for Apple Music and Apple TV apps to Windows. The distinguishing feature between Apple Music and the Apple TV app to iTunes is that the former is based on modern tech, runs faster, and requires few resources. Both apps appear similar to their versions on the macOS. However, the apps on Windows have been presented with a slightly modified interface.  

The Apple TV app on Windows will give the users the opportunity to view content from Apple TV+, Apple TV Channels, and movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store. In addition to this, there will be also supported for 4K HDR. This advancement is going to be a big step since it would add numerous Apple TV+ subscribers. In the past, Windows users could only access the service via a web browser.

The Apple Music app is presented with similar features as that of the macOS version. The only exception is lyrics and Dolby Atmos. The library can be accessed via Apple Music or the iTunes Store. However, the content is capable of shifting on its own from iTunes to the recent version of the app. One thing to notice here is that iTunes will no longer be operational once the Apple Music app has been installed.

We know that iTunes is going to be replaced. It will be substituted by Apple Devices app. This app will be presented with the options of syncing, backup, and restoring iOS devices and old iPods using a PC. In addition to this, Apple has clarified that in the future it will come up with an upgraded version of iTunes for Windows. This version will have support for audiobooks and podcasts. Since these features are currently not supported on the Apple Music app.

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