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Apple Plans To Assemble iPhone SE 2020 In Brazil

iPhone SE 2020

Apple released the new iPhone SE 2020 last week, and the phone is now in the ordering stage in more than 40 countries. Although Brazil has not yet released the first batch of products, the new iPhone SE in 2020 may enter Brazil in the next few weeks because ANATEL (an organization similar to FCC) has just released the document certification process. Even more surprising is the evidence that Apple plans to assemble the new iPhone SE 2020 in Brazil.

When Apple announced the launch of the new iPhone SE, some pictures of the iPhone were displayed on the Apple Brazil website. The back of the picture was engraved with “Indústria Brasileira” (“Brazilian Industry”). These logos are usually used for products manufactured or assembled in Brazil according to a Brazilian Blog post.

Although the relevant information has been deleted, ANATEL has completed the 2020 iPhone SE certification process in Brazil. ANATEL also mentioned that Foxconn Brazil is one of the production units of the product. The company is located in Jundiai, São Paulo.

However, this is not the first time the iPhone has been assembled in Brazil. Apple often assembles some products, such as the iPhone XR, through Foxconn in Brazil to lower prices in the local market. Since the iPhone SE is considered an entry-level model, Apple may choose to assemble again in Brazil.

Brazil imposes high tariffs on imported products, including almost all Apple devices. Therefore, some companies invest in the local assembly process because this can reduce the taxes paid on selling these products. The iPhone SE 2020 model to be sold in Brazil is A2296, which is the same as Europe and Australia.

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