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Galaxy Fold 2 To Come 7.59-inch With 2213×1689 Pixels And 120Hz Refresh Rate And Supports S Pen

Galaxy Fold 2

A specialist in display technologies has now published information about the plans for the second-generation Galaxy Fold 2 for the first time. Accordingly, the foldable smartphone gets bigger screens inside and out. In addition, the S Pen should be supported.

As Ross Young, founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants, which specializes in analyzes of the display market, reports, citing unspecified sources from the area of Samsung’s display division, the second generation Galaxy Fold will be a larger inner foldable display with 7.59 inch diagonal.

According to its sources, the panel will come up with a resolution increased to 2213×1689 pixels, so that a pixel density of 359 PPI is achieved. Samsung is also planning to integrate a “punch hole” camera that will sit in a hole in the screen. As with the smartphones of the Galaxy S20 series, the panel should also support a maximum refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz.

Originally, Samsung even aimed for a camera integrated directly under the display surface, but this is not yet technically ready for the market, which is why the developers limit themselves to using the “hole camera”. According to Young, the new folding smartphone will also offer the option of using the Samsung S Pen for input, resulting in a comfortable tablet experience.

The ultra-thin, foldable glass on the inner display

Samsung also wants to use so-called ultra-thin glass again, a special, extremely thin glass that ensures a comparatively smooth surface of the foldable display but is also covered by a protective film made of plastic. Overall, the Galaxy Fold 2 is due to the new display and the pen support close to the Galaxy Note series from Samsung. Young’s sources also promise a larger display for the outside of the folding smartphone. 

According to Young, the panel on the front of the device is growing from a meager 4.6 to 6.23 inches in the future and is said to work with 2267×819 pixels. The screen also has a hole for the front camera, it is said and works at 60 Hertz. Samsung would tackle one of the biggest criticisms of the Galaxy Fold because the comparatively small outer display was repeatedly described as largely meaningless.

When and at what price the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is to be released is still unclear. It would be conceivable that Samsung wants to launch the device this year.

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