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Apple Plans To Move iPad And MacBook Production To Vietnam Soon

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Apple is reportedly moving part of its iPad and MacBook manufacturing from China to Vietnam. Production there is scheduled to start in the first half of 2021. As Reuters reports, Apple is said to have instructed its manufacturing partner Foxconn to relocate part of the iPad and MacBook production from China to Vietnam. According to Reuters, the new location is the Foxconn plant in Bac Giang to the northeast. The ongoing trade war between the USA and China is cited as the reason for the relocation.

The exact scope of the project is not yet known

The report does not reveal exactly which iPad or MacBook models are to be manufactured in Vietnam, nor how large the proportion of Apple’s total production volume withdrawn from China will be. However, it would not be the first Apple product to be produced in Vietnam: The Californian company has had both AirPods and AirPods Pro manufactured in the Southeast Asian country for a few months. The US group has also been using India as a location for the production of some iPhone models for a long time.

Foxconn invests 270 million in Vietnam

The report is also supported by a report by the renowned Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei, which Foxconn is planning to invest $ 270 million in Vietnam to expand its production capacities there. Allegedly, the Taiwanese company is to withdraw more than 30 percent of its production volume from China. Foxconn only recently started the production of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) in its Vietnamese plants. It also seems quite possible that the newly designed MacBook models with Apple Silicon and new iPads with OLED displays will soon be manufactured in Bac Giang.

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