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Apple Prototyped ‘Magic Charger’ Stand with MagSafe iPhone Chargers in Various Colours

MagSafe Charging

Currently, the MagSafe Charger for iPhone comes in the standard silver color. As per some recent pieces of information, the company has prototyped one colored version of the MagSafe charger. This information was sourced from a Twitter account @KosutamiSan.

Apple allegedly wanted to market its current MagSafe charger in a “colored version,” according to prototype information that the collector of rare Apple products discovered. It will be similar to the MagSafe Charging 3 Charging connections it provides for the MacBook Air. The company includes a color-matching MagSafe 3 charging cable in the box with the MacBook Air. Besides this, users can also purchase it separately. It is available in four different color options i.e., Space Gray, Silver, Midnight, and Starlight.

As per the recent pieces of information, the new archetype colored MagSafe charger has more color saturation in contrast to the MagSafe power cables. The source has even shared an image that shows a Starlight-colored MagSafe puck. In addition to this, the source claims that the company has prototyped the same colored versions for the stand-based model that is known as Magic Charger.

Well, there is no information on whether the colored chargers were created to pair with the unrevealed iPhone colors or not. However, they have never been produced in bulk quantities. There are no details on whether the company intends to introduce colored versions in the future or not. However, this tiny piece of information was quite interesting. There is a possibility that the company introduces more varieties of MagSafe chargers to challenge the new participants in the new Qi2 market.

Apple is set to introduce a new version of the Qi open standard. It is reported to work similar to the MagSafe. Given this, the company’s new iPhone 15 series is anticipated to feature support for 15W wireless fast charging. This charging capacity will even be available for third-party chargers that are not Apple-certified. In this way, the company is eliminating the main barrier for third-party wireless chargers to contend with Apple’s MagSafe accessory.

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