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As Foxconn prepares for the iPhone 15, iPhone worker bonuses have increased three times in one month

The Zhengzhou plant by Foxconn has been informally known as iPhone City. Some recent pieces of information suggest that this site is unable to hold its staff on a long-term basis. Reportedly, the company has increased the bonuses for iPhone workers for consecutive three times in a month. Well, this seems sot be crucial since the launch of the iPhone 15 is nearby. More specifically, the company is offering bonuses for retaining workers on the production line for a period of three months. Such a strategy will help the company to perform in this busy schedule and avoid mismanagement as was reported last year.

iPhone City is important for the iPhone 15 launch

The Zhengzhou plant by Foxconn is reportedly the largest iPhone production facility in the world. It has a workforce of more than 200,000 workers. This plant assembles approximately 80% of the international iPhone supply. In order to meet the demand of the upcoming iPhone 15 series, Apple needs all its concerned units and plants to ensure capacity at their maximum.

Reportedly, last year, the Zhengzhou plant faced a major interruption. It was a COVID outbreak. Workers weren’t provided with sufficient food and medical aid. For this reason, several workers left the organization and returned to their native towns. In such a situation, even successive bonus offers were not enough to retain the workforce. In an attempt to satisfy the workers with bonuses, the company witnessed more workers leaving the job. Subsequently, the city was released from lockdown. However, the plant was still under strict lockdown. It was regarded as a high-risk zone. For this reason, it had to be closed for another 15 days time period.

iPhone worker bonuses increased for the third time

It seems like bonuses were not an attractive factor to retain the workers. They were not quite helpful during the last year and the same is observed for the following fiscal year. For this reason, the company has raised the bonus for the third time in a month. As per a report from South China Morning Post, new workers will be eligible for a 3,000 yuan bonus from Monday onwards. They had to work at the facility for at least three months. They will be paid 21 yuan on an hourly basis. This information was fetched from Foxconn’s integrated Digital Product Business Group’s WeChat post.

Furthermore, the post states that the current workers are eligible for a 500 yuan bonus. It is reported that the Taiwan-based Foxconn, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, has already increased worker benefits two times this month. Well, the bonuses are quite less in contrast to the US standards. It equals a 30% bonus for the one who works for three months. In addition to this, the company has also announced a recruitment bonus that equals one week’s pay for each additional worker introduced to the facility.

Recently, the company’s CEO has assured the workers that the company has no future plans to abandon the second-largest base in Chengdu. This statement was made after the rapid expansion of Taiwanese company in India. However, Liu Young-way refrained from making a commitment to maintaining jobs in the city.

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