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Apple Publishes iOS 16 Usage Data For The First Time

Apple now gives an insight into the behavior of its users. According to this, more than two-thirds of all iPhone owners have updated to iOS 16. However, the situation is quite different for iPad owners – they seem almost lazy about updates compared to iPhone users.

Apple’s latest distribution statistics for iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 reveal how many iPhones and iPads are currently running the latest software update for the mobile devices. According to Apple, this usage rate was “measured using devices that made purchases from the App Store on February 14, 2023”. The new statistics can be found in the support area of ​​Apple’s website.

According to this, 72 percent of all iPhones run with iOS 16. The rate is even higher for younger devices: 81 percent of all iPhone models that have been released in the past four years running with iOS 16. These figures roughly match the statistics by analysts who regularly publish such numbers.

Using iPadOS 16

The iPadOS 16 adoption rate, on the other hand, is significantly lower: 53 percent of all iPads launched in the last four years and 50 percent of all iPads, in general, are running the latest update. The broad mass of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 users is interesting considering that the updates were only released a few months ago (September and October 2022.

The new version is supported by iPhone 8 and newer. Apple’s iOS 16 adoption figures were released at the same time as the release of the first iOS 16.4 beta update. The fact that iPhone users quickly update to the latest version is not a new finding.

The comparison to Android shows how this is presented: If you take the statistics on Android 13 published by Google in mid-January, only every 20th Android user has installed the latest OS (5.2 percent).

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