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Apple released “Personal Security Handbook” To Curb AirTag stalking



Apple is now responding to allegations that the company is using the tiny trackers to encourage stalking with a new user guide for personal safety when using AirTags. It’s all about regaining control. Apple’s little location tools, the AirTags, have not only been used for positive purposes since their launch in Spring 2021.

In particular, the ability to spy on a (strange) person with an AirTag and track all his steps, if possible undetected, has been a major criticism since the tracker’s inception. At least since then, Apple has improved a little and has set up an alarm feature that alerts people when they’re near an AirTag. This warning is intended to facilitate detection if a device has been smuggled.

But that alone is only part of the fight against AirTags abuse, which is why Apple now has the new “Personal Safety User Guide” summarizes a series of supporting documents that help users in an emergency. Apple describes it this way: “If your personal safety is at risk.”

Check and stop unauthorized access

Apple explains that the goal of the new Personal Security User Guide is to “provide strategies and solutions to regain control if you’re concerned that someone may have unauthorized access to your device or account.” The new personal security guide is divided into several sections, ranging from what to do in case of danger to protecting data with strong passwords and other security strategies. The “Check and act” guide is especially important for stalking victims. The following points are covered:

  • What to do if you think someone has access to your device or accounts?
  • How to stop sharing your location with people and apps you shared it with before
  • How to stop sharing with someone who shared you before

Prevent tracking that is unwanted

Apple also emphasizes that both the AirTags and the Find My network are designed to protect privacy. To prevent unwanted tracking, the Find My app notifies users when an unknown AirTag or other Find My accessory is detected. You currently need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later.


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