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Apple releases second public beta of iOS 15.5: that’s all new

Apple has released the second public beta for iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5. Much has already become known about the innovations, even though some functions will not find their way to Europe yet. Apple started the first beta in the public test program at the beginning of this month and now round 2 follows.

Anyone who wants and has a suitable iPhone or iPad can now try out the new preliminary version for themselves. This was preceded by the developer release yesterday. Meanwhile, the test version is also available on the same basis as part of the public beta program (via AppleInsider)

One of the new features and improvements of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 that will be launched is the preview of Passkey technology (authentication method) that can be used to login to websites. In addition, a new classical music app is launched with “Apple Classical,” iTunes Pass is rebranded as Apple Balance, and Apple is making improvements to the Apple Pay Cash feature in the US. In addition, there are mainly new things “under the hood” for iOS 15.5, many improvements and bug fixes.

Join the beta program

Participation in the beta program is free and requires a one-time registration for the program beta.apple.com/sp/en/betaprogram of the corresponding device. This also applies to all beta versions that Apple is testing, so iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac and TV. To do this, users need to enter their Apple ID and then get the update automatically through the update function.

New versions are then automatically downloaded to the device. The new version is now available to registered users as an over-the-air update. Testing of the beta versions is always at your own risk and should not be performed on the production system. iOS 15.5 should be completed in a few weeks.

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