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iPhone 14 cameras: after a long time, something is happening on the front again

New iPhones don’t necessarily come with new cameras. Apple is very good at staying ahead of the curve when it comes to recording quality by tweaking the sensors. After two years without changes, the iPhone 14 announces movement on the front again.

The front camera has been upgraded again

iPhone 14 is an exciting update to the iPhone family. A new design, a reshuffling of the model dimensions, and numerous hardware adjustments certainly promise a new generation that offers significantly more innovations than many years could bring. Analyst and well-known Apple specialist Ming-Chi Kuo supplies happy upgrade news for the front camera of the new models.

Apple hasn’t made any significant updates to its camera technology for selfies and video calling in about two years. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 use a 12-megapixel sensor with an f/2.2 aperture and a fixed focus. While Kuo expects Apple to stick to these values ​​in terms of megapixels, there would be decisive upgrades in aperture and focus: “The front camera of the four new iPhone 14 models in 2H22 will probably be set to AF (autofocus) and around f/1.9 aperture updated.”

Motion for selfies and facetime

As Kuo points out, autofocus support coupled with a lower f-number will allow Apple to provide a better depth of field effect for selfie/portrait mode — an area where other high-end models like the Huawei P50 Pro have already excelled.

However, the analyst focuses on another area where Apple is likely to offer more with the new models — and has some catching up to do: “In addition, the autofocus can improve the focus effect for FaceTime/video calls/live streaming.” Apple had already put a very big focus on Facetime during the last WWDC 2021, so it will be exciting to see what the company has to announce at this year’s developer conference. That, in turn, could be a pretty good example of what to expect with the iPhone 14 in terms of selfie upgrades.

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