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Apple Resumed iPhone X Production Following Weaker Sales of XS And XS Max

resumed iPhone X production

Following the launch of Apple’s latest attractions, Apple halted the production of iPhone X of last year. But, as per new reports the company has resumed iPhone X production after it witnessed a weaker sale of XS and XS Max.

As per the report of The Wall Street Journal, the company has started producing iPhone X again owing to the weaker sales than expected of its most recent iPhone XS and XS Max. Both these phones had favourable reviews even then they failed to attain the expected sale levels.

The decision of resuming the production is as per reports because of a deal made with Samsung for buying a specific quantity of OLED screens.

The models of this year were provided with OLED displays, but they failed to sell in the quantities as needed to attain the terms of the agreement. Hence, for meeting the terms of the deal, Apple returned back to its last year’s biggest hit iPhone X for a remedy, which was no more being sold in stores after the launch of XS.

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Additionally, it is believed that iPhone X is cheaper to make in comparison to iPhone XS or XS Max, owing to its older parts hence the price of production would defineitly be lesser.

The report proposed that Apple would be using iPhone X for making up for the lost sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Furthermore, there were also reports mentioning that Apple has stopped the production directives for all its three new models owing to lower than anticipated demand of these models.

As per the reports of The Verge, the budget friendly iPhone XR is also having a hard time as customers are preferring iPhone 8 over it, which is cheaper in cost than the XR.

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