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Samsung’s Foldable Phone Could Cost More Than $2,500

Samsung Foldable Phone

As per the recent reports, Samsung’s Foldable Phone would be costing more than anybody’s expectations. According to the rumours, the Samsung foldable phone would be costing nearly two thousand five hundred dollars which clearly means that it could not be bought by all.

The foldable phones would soon be trending in the industry. All the frontline smartphone makers like Apple, Huawei, LG, Samsung, Motorola and many more are all ready to launch their respective folding phones in future.

Every technology firm is engaged in preparing the foldable phones first. But it seems like not many people would have the chance of acquiring the foldable phones especially the Samsung users.

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The Samsung attraction referred to as the Galaxy F would be launched with two screens. The inside screen is of 7.3 inches having a resolution of 1536×2152. When the phone is folded then it would be having a 4.58 inches panel and a resolution of 840×1960.

As per the earlier rumours, owing to the extra screen, the power consumption of the device would also be increased, and the price would also be higher than the other design the company had in mind.

A foldable phone with just one screen would force the user to open it for every function that the user needs to perform via phone.

All we have to do now is to wait and to see that what would Samsung be offering in its foldable phone and at what price.

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