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Apple Selects M1X Chip Exclusively For MacBook Pro


For Apple, the M1 marks the start of a new era with its own chips. But which variants will power future Mac models? Apple is currently working on two new processors, which are intended for the new MacBook Air 2022 and the MacBook Pro series.

The M1 with New family members

As usual, there are many rumors about the chip development at Apple. After the release, there were lively discussions about how the company wants to continue writing the history of Apple Silicon after the M1 – and whether the successor will be called the M1X or the M2. As Wccftech now reports, the leaker Dylan wants to be able to shed some light on Apple’s intentions – previously accurately when predicting the M1 in the iPad Pro (2021).

Accordingly, the company is currently planning not one, but two new members in the M-Chip family. The M2 is said to be the improved direct successor to M1, which “is most likely built on the same foundation as the A15”. Possible adjustments that the rumor mill predicts: more cores for graphics calculations and a higher clock rate. “This processor should appear in the first half of 2022 together with the upcoming colorful Macbook (Air),” continues Dylan.

M1X exclusively For MacBook Pro

We were able to provide initial information about Apple’s plans for new MacBook Pro models with the M-Chip at the beginning of the year, but the leaker here again refers to the placement and performance of the chip. Accordingly, the Apple M1X will initially be used exclusively in the new Macbook Pro. Dylan describes the chip as “an extension of the M1 processor with greater power consumption, more CPU and GPU cores”. Here you will get official information well before the M2, a performance is currently expected for autumn.

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