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Apple Sued Over iPhone XR Poor Connection

iPhone XR preorder

Apple has the iPhone XR as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max introduced almost two years ago and the unit was named one of the most popular models of tech giants. Also in the tests, the smartphone did quite well with an overall grade of 2.2. But now angry users are scratching the solid image of the inexpensive mobile phone: They have filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple in the United States.

iPhone XR: bad technology covered up?

The reason for the turmoil: According to a report, the successful manufacturer allegedly concealed buyers’ poor connection technology. The iPhone XR only “has half the signal connectivity and 4G speed of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and is far less able to make a reliable connection in the same areas where the XS and Max are reliable connect”. Furthermore, the antenna construction of the smartphone is “defective”, massive connection problems of other users from Great Britain, the USA and other countries, the plaintiff’s list as further examples. Apple has thus committed “a shameful cover-up”.

Technical Data

The complaining iPhone XR owners are now demanding Apple compensation of no less than $ 5 million and full reimbursement of the legal fees incurred in the lawsuit. The absurdity of the whole thing: if you believe another message, the group never concealed the technical data of the devices or its antenna construction. Accordingly, the specifications of the iPhone XR smartphone clearly attest the device to a 2×2 MIMO antenna design consisting of only two receiving and two transmitting antennas – while the 4×4 Mimo specifications for four receiving and four transmitting antennas cost more expensive cell phones such as the iPhone XS or XS Max reserved. So you cannot really accuse Apple of a cover-up and the lawsuit should go to the sand – if this did not take place in the USA. Because there are bizarre lawsuits in which the plaintiffs like to dust unjustifiably have a long tradition.

Earlier Apple was sued for deliberately slowing down older phones, the Cupertino company was blamed for purposely slowing down older phones so that people could buy their new products thinking that their device has come near retiring.