Apple To Launch Macs With M3 Chips In October

Apple is preparing to launch the first M3 chip-equipped Macs in October. A new line-up is planned with a new iMac, a 13-inch MacBook Air, and a MacBook Pro with the new M3 chip generation.

Apple M3 Launches in October

This is reported by Bloomberg. However, their “hit rate” for similar rumors about product updates is a bit mixed, so it is difficult to assess this new rumor. In recent months, however, there have also been repeated indications of problems in the supply chain, which meant delays. Exactly where the information came from remains unclear.

Now Apple is said to have the expected M3 ARM-based system-on-a-chip in the pipeline and to be used first in an updated iMac. There have already been a number of references to this. According to Bloomberg, the MacBook Air – but only in the 13-inch version – and the MacBook Pro will be equipped with the M3 at the same time.

What To Expect From M3 Chip

The M3 chips are rumored to be based on a new 3nm technology and construction that will make them more powerful and efficient compared to the M2 chips currently used in Macs. However, many details about Apple’s new processor have not yet been leaked.

The official presentation is also not expected before autumn. An extra event for the M3 presentation would be possible, as well as the presentation as part of the annual iPhone event in September. The rumors about the start of sales in October also fit in with this.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the M3 chips should offer up to 20 percent faster CPU performance and up to 30 percent faster GPU than the M2 chips. That would be a relatively large advantage. Gurman also notes that the M3 chip will likely have a similar number of CPU and GPU cores as the M2 chip. The M2 was launched at the end of June 2022 – so it’s time for a refresh.