Apple Watch 9 Appears In Bluetooth Database

In addition to the many rumors about the new Apple Watch Series 9, which is expected shortly, there are also more and more indications from third-party suppliers. Now a still unknown watch model has appeared in a Bluetooth database.

Apple Watch 9 Leak

With the expected presentation and release date of the Apple Watch Series 9 in September 2023 approaching, more and more details about the new model are being learned.

Now a previously unknown watch model has been discovered in the “Bluetooth Launch Studio” database. The database contains a list of devices that are yet to be released. The database is used by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group to provide an overview of devices that use the Bluetooth standard.

The information in the Launch Studio database is usually sparse and therefore does not reveal too much about upcoming device launches, apart from the launch itself. Such leaks are actually regular and are finally confirmed. The entry that has now appeared is no exception.

Spotted by MacRumors, the entry doesn’t reveal any real information about the devices. Instead, it is a single entry that speaks of a “WatchOS Profile Subsystem 2023”. With the launch of watchOS 10, one would expect Apple to be interested in making changes to the Apple Watch Series 9 to reflect the milestone.

However, rumors have repeatedly pointed out that the changes this year will not be that big and will only bring visible changes with the Apple Watch 10 (commonly called Apple Watch X). According to older rumors, the Series 9 will probably be available in 41 and 45-millimeter sizes.

Only the performance of the S9 chip and the associated improvements will be really new. After relatively minimal chip improvements in the previous models, the S9 is said to offer significantly more performance in comparison this year.

An updated Apple Watch Ultra is also said to be on the group’s list, but again, apart from the chip upgrade, not much else can be expected this year. According to the rumors, there will be no new Apple Watch SE this year.

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