Apple Watch Series 10 could come with new health-monitoring features

With each new series of the Apple Watch, the company expands the profile of health features available on the smartwatches. As of now, we have received some information about the Apple Watch Series 10 that indicates that the smartwatch will feature multiple new health monitoring features. Notably, the Apple Watch Series 10 might include blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection features. In the future, Apple could even include a non-invasive method for measuring blood glucose levels.

Apple Watch Series 10 could include a blood pressure-measuring sensor

A report from Bloomberg points out that the Apple Watch Series 10 will feature a blood pressure sensor. Well, the sensor won’t give users the details that are normally provided with a traditional cuff; instead, it will inform users of the pattern of their blood pressure going upward or downward. Some other sources suggest that the company might debut exact systolic and diastolic numbers in future iterations of the device.

Apple may provide consumers with a journal to record these instances in addition to warning them of elevated hypertension. In order to prevent misdiagnosis, the function can also advise the user to see a physician or go to a station equipped with a conventional blood pressure measuring cuff.

Sleep arena detector

This detector will work by measuring breathing patterns to diagnose if a user has a problem. Just like the blood pressure sensor, it will advise users to see a physician. Do note that it won’t feature any treatment-like capabilities. According to the company, the data recorded by the current pulse oximeter (blood oxygen levels) sensor can’t be used for medical purposes. However, the business might be thinking of applying for a health regulatory clearance, which would enable the app to interpret the measurements for the user.

Non-invasive blood glucose monitor

Well, this feature is not expected with the Apple Watch Series 10, but it could arrive with future iterations of the smartwatch. Similar to the blood pressure monitor, it will inform users about an upward or downward trend in blood glucose. It won’t give accurate details in numbers. The Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to arrive later next year or early 2025. Currently, there are no details on whether the price remains the same or changes.

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