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Apple will be the first to use TSMC’s 2nm technology

According to a recent report shared by DigiTimes, Apple is going to be the first company to utilize TSMC’s upcoming 2-nanometer chip technology. TSMC is expected to begin the mass production of 2nm chips in H2 2025. More transistors can be crammed into a single processor thanks to this technology’s reduced transistor size, which could result in faster performance and lower power consumption.

Apple is one of the companies that adopted TSMC’s leading-edge chip technologies at the earliest. The recent offerings by Apple, including the iPhone 15 series and Macs powered by M3 chips, are based on TSMC’s 3nm processes. Going by the same approach, the company will be the first to use the new 2nm process. Reportedly, a new manufacturing process termed gate-all-around field-effect transistors (GAAFET) with nanosheets has been adopted for the new nodes.

As compared to the FinFET transistors used in the recent chips, the new technology offers fast speed and consumes less power. However, we can’t neglect the challenges associated with GAAFET technology. More specifically, TSMC will have to invest substantially in modifying its production process and constructing additional factories. A similar approach must be adopted by Apple in order to adopt the new technology.

In addition to this, TSMC is working to improve its current 3nm process. For the new N3E and N3P chips, the company has improved the fabrication process. It is now focusing on chips like N3X and N3AE that are used for high-performance computing and automotive applications. Furthermore, some rumors suggest that the company is working on 1.4nm chips that could possibly debut in 2027. It should come as no surprise that Apple is allegedly hoping to have early access to this innovative technology as well.