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Apple will introduce the biggest collection of classical music to Samsung smartphones

Apple has already introduced the Apple Music service. It is now reported that the company is going to introduce a new individual Music app that will be specifically focused on classical music. The app Apple Music Classical will be initially introduced on the iOS app store. Followed by this, the app will be introduced on the Android platform as well.

Depicting from the name of the app, the app will be all about streaming classical music. The company indicated that the app will enable users to search for any recording from the world’s largest classical music catalog. Besides this, the company claims that the app is supported by immersive spatial audio.

Apple Music Classical won’t require a separate subscription

Apple Music Classical has a large selection and excellent audio. One of the interesting facts about this new app is that a subscription is not necessary. Or, to be more precise, Apple Music Classical is a separate app. It can be accessed with a subscription to the main Apple Music platform rather than requiring a separate membership.

Apple Music is not presented on Galaxy Store. However, it can be accessed from the Google Play Store. Likewise, Apple Music Classical will be available on the Play Store. As soon as the app goes live, subscribers of Apple Music will have access to the Classical version. The company aims to introduce Music Classical on the app store by March 28. However, the company did not mention any specified timeline for release on the Android OS. It has just been informed that the Android version will be introduced soon.

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