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Samsung may soon face new competition in the smartwatch category

Polar is a Finnish company. It is quite famous for its fitness trackers and other wearable devices. Some recent reports suggest that the company is all set to enter the market once again. Such a move could be a surprise for some companies. Since it suggests the arrival of a competitor in the market.

Polar’s CEO, Sander Werring, recently discussed the company’s prospects for growth with Wareable. Werring said that Polar was undoubtedly keeping an eye on the Wear OS side of the playing field while appearing pleased about the recent technology developments on existing wearable platforms. He gave a positive response when questioned about the possibility of the corporation returning to the smartwatch platform, stating that it is a choice worth taking into account in light of current technological advancements.

The company’s last Wear OS product was the Polar M600. The business made its debut in that market back in 2015 but hasn’t returned since. They were likely just a little bit too much ahead of the curve, according to Werring. He believes that now is the perfect time to introduce a new Polar Wear OS device since technology has finally caught up.

Well, it is uncertain whether the company will introduce its own device or go for licensing its algorithms to third parties i.e., the ‘Powered by Polar’ route. The latter strategy is quite possible since there have been some reports that indicate the association of Polar with the Qualcomm Wearable Accelerator Program.

When it comes to Samsung, there is already tough competition faced by the company in the smartwatch category. Apple is one biggest competitors. Whatever the situation may be, it looks like it is high time for the company to level up the game. Some rumors indicate that the company is heading towards this by introducing a curved display design for galaxy Watch 6 as well as a new One UI for wearables and many other improved features.

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