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Apple will no longer provide customer support on Twitter and YouTube

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As per some recent pieces of information, Apple is ending social media advisor roles for several platforms. Notably, the company is abolishing its customer support services for Twitter, YouTube, and the Apple Support Community website. Later this year, the services will end. It means that consumers will no longer receive support from Apple employees on the above-mentioned platforms.

A source claims that from October 1 onwards, no more human responses to consumers who send DMs will be provided by the @AppleSupport account. Users will be provided with information on how to receive assistance from the company as an automated response. On YouTube, the company is ending technical assistance that was extended to users in the comments section of YouTube videos available on the Apple Support channel. Besides this, the paid Community Specialist role will no longer be available. This position is a part of the Apple Support Community (an online discussion forum) that helps consumers.

According to sources, the company is compensating the affected employees by offering them a phone-based support role in the company. However, some of them are unwilling to adopt this change. According to one of the sources, Apple does not permit staff to transition to another chat-based support function inside the organization unless it is medically essential, which has enraged and frustrated some members of the social media team. They continued by saying that people who didn’t want to work on the phones were advised to look for employment outside of Apple.

The company will train employees for phone support roles. Sources claim that this process will be completed by November. Since 2016, Apple has provided customer support on Twitter. The sources claimed that during a meeting with staff this week, Apple defended its plans by stating that many consumers prefer phone-based help.

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